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Love Life Advice, Love Advice, Dating Love Advice, Relationship Love Advice
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MrGoodMan's Relationship Advice, Life Advice, Love Advice and Dating Advice!

How much time have you wasted listening to silly Relationship Advice or Life Advice? How about Love Advice and Dating Advice that just don't work? Finally, can you recall a time or two when you listened to somone who provided what you felt was good advice only find out their life is screwed up too?

Have you ever wondered, "How did I get to where I am in my life and how can I change things?"

The answers you seek, and more, are explored throughout the MrGoodMan's Relationship Advice and Life Advice web site.

Browse the site to discover the practical Relationship Advice and Dating Advice tips that can improve your Love Life.

If you read everything on the site pertaining to Love, Life, Relationship and Dating you will begin to understand where you make your relationship mistakes!

Just do me one favor...apply the advice and tips you learn! You will be amazed by the results and glad you took action to improve your life and relationship.

To your happiness!
Shawn Nelson, MSA - Love Life Advice
Shawn Nelson, MSA

Love Life Advice

Your Life Through My Eyes!

A funny thing happens to me each morning! As travel to my destination, I notice how many people are unhappy! I can tell they are unhappy by their facial expressions, body language and the consistency of what they show me

Now I'm not stupid because I am well aware some people show you what they want you to see. But be honest with yourself, "Who would willingly choose to be unhappy every day?" Very few people would choose to be unhappy!

So, where does this unhappiness begin? How can people get rid of it?

The next time you wake up in the morning I want you to say, "I am go glad to be alive! I love me! I am so happy with my life! This will be a great day!"

If you don't say those things, or something similar, you will end up feeling lousy and looking unhappy! Repeat that negative routine and it will become a part of you

It may be difficult to stay positive things but let me ask you a question, "Things could be a lot worse right? You could be homeless, no food, have health problems, etc." But you are still here, still alive, still able to talk, walk and have fun! So, why feel bad about anything?

When I look at people I see all the good stuff. I see that each day they make it to work. Each day they wake up. Each day they get to see their children and family one more time.

Once you start saying positive things and feeling grateful that you are still alive the next step is to take some action regarding your outlook on life.

"Where do you see yourself in one, two or three years?" If you have to think about that for a second or don't have an answer you may be someone who is unhappy with their life

Even if you were able to answer that question, you still may be unhappy because you dream big dreams but do not take massive action to achieve your dreams.

Do yourself a favor and look around you at work and while you travel to work. Look at all the unhappy people who wear a facade! Is that what you want for your life? I know I don't!

Like I said earlier, "You can think positive all you want but you must take massive action." It's your life and your choice!

Love Advice

Ask A Good Man and You Shall Receive!

What questions do you want answers to that no one has been able to fully explain? It can be questions on anything like:

Visit the Ask A Good Man section to ask your questions. Hopefully, I will be able to help you clear the confusion and move on with your life!

Relationship Love Advice
Love Life Advice
Love Advice


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"Invest in yourself for it's the only thing you can control"--Shawn Nelson, MSA

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